In collaboration with Vania Marotta

Photography by Oliver Lagasca

Casa Nata sells Portuguese Tarts. There is nothing like them in Australia.

They needed a space that showed off their delicateness and indulgence; their richness and warmth.

The call out is the use of off-white Calcutta marble. It was used extensively, not only for its luxury, but it happens to be the ideal material for handling pastry. Paired with frameless glass and minimal detail elsewhere, it showed the Windsor society the perfect idea of what the tarts were – chic and intricate, opulent treats, carefully prepared in a clean, almost laboratory-style station.

A ‘we love tarts’ neon lights up the wall and a large neon tart inspires the ceiling.  The menu board is made of magnetic letters that deftly patter the rear wall, while floating steel shelves show revellers on Victoria Street what else the café has to offer. Windsor was chic and opulent.

The café in Windsor is completely encased in glass, with an intimate seating area in front to allow customers to take a seat to see the tarts being made from scratch. The bespoke heavy steel front door was chosen to give a new life to the existing aluminium glass front. It is the only break in the glazing that wraps around the store & allows views in from the street, even into the kitchen. The coffee machine was placed next to an exterior servery window to then draw the crowd in, and then allow for easy takeaway & adds even more airiness to the space.

We used our Enscape Model through QR codes to work with the Builder on site

This is Casa Nata. Delicious.

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