A small worker’s cottage dating back to 1890,  Ellie sits in a quiet Collingwood street, adjacent to the hustle and bustle of inner city life.

The beautiful features of the original front were tired and a substandard renovation had left Ellie dark and breathless with low ceilings, crooked walls, uneven floors and no connection between the indoors and the North/West facing yard.

Ellie needed to be rescued – and quickly. Ellie’s owners, a young couple hoping to start a family soon, wished to repair the front aspect of the house, letting those original features shine externally and internally as the new living area.

The proposed materiality of painted brick and corrugated metal is considerate of Ellie’s heritage while a roof deck from the central courtyard further connects to the outdoors with views out to the CBD.

The name Ellie gives a nod to the property’s original 19th century owner, Ellen Wardrope. Significantly, Ellen was one of eight females who owned the property in their own right, and amazingly, one of three of “Ellens” to do so.

Without further ado, this is Ellie!

Watch this space. She’s on her way.

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